Friday, July 03, 2015

hot, hot, hot (and Mallory Knox)

Hot and grumpy (and planning to nip to Boots tomorrow for some Magicool spray). Air-conditioning at gym wonderful today - and much needed as it was my cardio 121. Great session - 479 cals torched, 6m peak, 29m cardio and 12m fat burn. And I smashed the reps today, so I'm pleased. Teens have sports day today so early finish; and youngest is playing at the concert next week, so that's a treat to look forward to :) Righty. Work. Coffee. Oh, wait - got something nice in the post today :) (I was going to post a pic of the Venus/Jupiter conjunction from the other night, but my pics are terrible - handheld night shot. But it was worth looking out for...) Have a nice day!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

publication day

Forgot it was publication day today. Not because I'm arrogant, but because I've spent the hottest day of the year at the hospital for MIL's assessment and then doing notes for the family and the care home - and it's been pretty rough (though the doctor was lovely). Sometimes being the articulate one with medical knowledge really sucks. Dementia is such a spiteful disease. Anyway. Happy pub day to me - and also to my pals Liz Fielding​, Scarlet Wilson and Susan Meier​. Have a nice day x

Monday, June 29, 2015

wet fish

Good 121 today - cardio torched 425 cals (5m peak, 25m cardio, 14m fat burn). I know I'm putting in the same effort (because we're counting reps and they're staying the same or improving) but I notice that my heart rate/calorie burn is lower. Which is I guess proof that it's working and my fitness is improving :) Popped over to see my stepmum - and now it's back to the hated revisions. Someone smack me with a wet fish and tell me to stop stalling...

Friday, June 26, 2015


Great 121 today - 474 cals torched, 10m peak, 23m cardio and 12m fat burn. Am getting better at medicine ball woodchops - today was 17 in 30 seconds, and I can remember struggling to do 10 smile emoticon Also interesting to note that yesterday I burned 1000 fewer calories than I did the day before - so I can see how the afterburn effect of a gym session works. Next time I feel like having a rest day, I'll remember that smile emoticon Skiving off for lunch out, so I need to crack on with revisions. (I hate doing revisions so I always drag my feet. I need something to motivate myself through it - though *not* cake!) Laters. Have a nice day heart emoticon

Almost forgot - new hair from yesterday...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mallory Knox

Rest day today smile emoticon (Plus I wanted to sort out our Mallory Knox tickets - really looking forward to seeing them at the UEA in October.) Righty. Revisions are calling. (I've been thinking more than writing, these last couple of days, and it's sorted in my head - so wish me no phone calls or other annoying interruptions. Have a nice day! smile emoticon

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

new class

Not being as good as I hoped I'd be re posting, but I am trying...

Good session today (is my favourite workout - the weights-cardio combo). 547 cals torched, 1m peak, 35m cardio and 26m fat burn. But best of all was the poster in the gym this morning - they have a new class. Fit steps. Cross between - wait for it, wait for it - ballroom dance and cardio. Right up my street. I am so going to the first class! Righty. Revisions (and hopefully not a day full of interruptions, as yesterday was). Have a nice day :)

Friday, June 19, 2015


Good cardio 121 today - 441 cals, 5m peak, 26m cardio, 15m fat burn. Youngest is at the Somme today, DH is at the motorbike racing, and I'm home alone with Elderly Dog (who tells me he plans to spend the day snoozing). Have a nice day :)